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Habasit traditional belts have won an excellent reputation at major airports, distribution centers and supermarket around the world. Countless conveyors equipped with Habasit products support logistics and manufacturing processes in a wide variety of industries. 
Habasit provides the most appropriate solution for each airport application and process step:
  • Induction belts and sorters
  • Baggage screening and detection
  • Aircraft loading and unloading systems
  • Inclines and declines
  • Baggage claim
  • Curved conveyors
  • Check – in and take - away
Features, Application
Main industry segments:
Airport, Distribution centers, Materials Handling
Applications: Check-in belt, Decline belt, Incline belt
Special features: Anti-static, Flame retardant, Low noise applications
Main industry segments: Automotive general, Canning, Distribution centers, Materials Handling, Metal working, Packaging
Applications: Check-out belt, Conveyor belt, Discharging belt, Sorting belt
Special features: Abrasion resistant, Metal detection units suitable
NSL-10ELBV (-U2)​
Main industry segments:
Distribution centers, Materials Handling
Applications: Acceleration belt, Decline belt, Feeder belt, Gapping belt, General conveying belt, Incline belt, Induction belt, Line belt, Sorting belt
Special features: High coefficient of friction surface
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