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AUMUND has utmost competence in designing, configuration, fabrication, commissioning and maintenance of high-capacity conveyors for continuous production processes. Conveyors from Rheinberg are renowned for their reliability and longevity in the cement, steel or smelting industry, handling of material in power stations, ports or export terminals as well as for extraction and processing of minerals or alternative energy-bearing materials:
  • Handling of abrasive materials
  • Hot transport up to 1100° Celsius
  • Controlled cool transport
  • Vertical conveying to over 170m
  • Crusher loading and discharge up to 11,000t/h
  • Pressure-shock resistant conveyors
  • Conveying under inert gas
  • Dosed silo feeding and dosed silo discharge
  • Dust-suppressed loading of ships, trains, trucks
Features, Application
Reliability in operation, high conveying capacities, long lifetimes and low running costs are what make bucket elevators from AUMUND stand out. Bucket elevators can be designed with either a forged central chain or a belt, depending on the material to be conveyed and the application.

AUMUND proposes bucket elevator systems specifically tailored to individual plant requirements according to conveying capacity and the characteristics of the material
Automated production processes often require stockpiling or blending of raw materials, additives and intermediates. Bottlenecks in material flow to or from hoppers, storage halls, stockpiles or silos can hinder plant productivity, therefore the right design of the conveying and storage technology is paramount.

AUMUND proposes a range of pan conveyors specifically tailored to individual applications and to the characteristics of the material
The Samson® Material Feeder from AUMUND is a discharge conveyor which receives bulk materials directly from trucks or other vehicles and unloads rail wagons or front-end loaders. A flexible solution, it is chosen in many industries and applications all over the world for its technical benefits and its cost-effectiveness.
Chain conveyors are generally used where sticky bulk materials such as chalk, gypsum, clay or raw coal are to be extracted from a hopper. For such applications AUMUND recommends the PKF armoured chain conveyor.

For extraction of filter dust or additives the AUMUND TKF Drag Chain Conveyor Type LOUISE is often used. As this machine conveys bulk material in a closed trough, the impact on the environmental is minimised.
Getting the initial design right is fundamental to the cost-effectiveness of a clinker storage operation. Particular aspects that have to be taken into consideration are not only the withdrawal rate and the optimum layout of conveyors, but above all the material characteristics and the planning of hoppers, storage halls or silos. AUMUND’s expertise in this area is based on many years’ experience with successful international projects, and permits its customers to benefit from comprehensive consultancy on both technical and managerial aspects.
Storage of cement clinker is a pre-condition for non-stop kiln line production. Constantly expanding kiln capacities necessitate storage volumes of 200,000 m3 or even more
In many branches of industry bulk materials are conveyed, stored and unloaded. Some of these materials have difficult and varying flow properties. Therefore, the right design and consideration of the silos or hoppers is paramount in the choice of discharge equipment.
Major parameters for the design of discharge systems are bulk density, moisture content, proportionate particle size ranges, temperature, angle of repose and wall friction angle as well as information about the proportion of dust in the material, the abrasiveness and corrosivity.
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