Remove dirt and stains effectively
Oily and greasy grime on machine parts and surfaces can thus be quickly removed without leaving residue. OKS contact cleaners remove stains which cause creepage in components such as switches, junctions or plug connections. The multi-foam cleaners, industrial and instant cleaners and intensive cleaners for the food processing industry are ideal for almost any usage. Consisting of a dry, oil-free gas mix, compressed air sprays can be used to remove dirt particles from inaccessible places.
Features, Application
OKS 2611 – Universal Cleaner, Spray
Residue-free evaporating universal cleaner for cleaning machine parts and material surfaces.
OKS 2621 – Contact Cleaner, Spray
OKS 2621 is a contact cleaner to remove soiling that can cause creepage currents.
OKS 2631 – Multi-Foam Cleaner, Spray
OKS 2631 is a multi-foam cleaner.
OKS 2650 – BIOlogic Industrial Cleaner, water-based concentrate
Alkaline cleaner on water basis for removing oily, greasy and sooty soiling.
OKS 2661 – Fast Cleaner, Spray
Residue-free evaporating fast cleaner for cleaning machine parts and material surfaces.
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