Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is the reaction of a metal with its environment, which changes its properties and impairs the functionality of the component. OKS corrosion protection products are specially designed to provide optimal protection of machine parts with bare metal surfaces for storage and shipping.  
Features, Application
OKS 2101 – Protective Film for Metals, Spray
Dry and clean protective film fast to handling on a wax basis for metals that can be removed easily and protects against corrosion reliably up to two years.
OKS 2301 – Mould Protector, Fluid, Spray
OKS 2301 generates a temporary corrosion protection film for storage and shipping of machine parts with bare metal surfaces.
OKS 2511 – Zinc Coating, spray
Long-term corrosion protection on zinc basis for initial layer build-up as well as for active cathodic corrosion protection
OKS 2521 – Gloss Zinc, spray
Decorative corrosion protection on the basis of zinc and aluminium powder as a second layer over zinc sprays (e.g. OKS 2511) for forming a weather-resistant surface with aluminium gloss.
OKS 2531 – Alu-Metallic, Spray
OKS 2531 is a decorative corrosion protection on the basis of aluminium for indoors and outdoors.
OKS 2541 – Stainless Steel Protection, Spray
OKS 2541 is a resistant protective and decorative coating with stainless steel pigments for all materials.
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