Corrossion inhibitors

Corrosion can seriously affect your processes and products and lead to major repairs, production downtime and costs. By using a matching corrosion protection agent you provide optimal preservation to your components and achieve effective protection against damage to your business.

Your benefits
  • Longer relubrication intervals and reduced maintenance costs due to minimised wear
  • Effective protection against different corrosive media
  • For components as varied as chains, gears, hinges, screws and bolts, rails, bearings, etc.
  • Less damage during assembly and disassembly due to easier handling of e.g. screwed connections
  • Less noise
  • Operational safety e.g. due to NSF H1 registration for the food-processing industry
Features, Application
Anticorrosion lubricant for food and pharmaceutical industries
Kluberfood NH1 K 32 Spray is a transparent "grease like" anti corrosion protection film for the protection of ferrous metals. This special lubricant has been designed to comply with the particular requirements of the food-processing industry.
It is NSF H1 registered and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. It was developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, pharmaceutical industries.
Long-term corrosion preventive, effective rust remover
CONTRAKOR FLUID H 1 is a thin-bodied, versatile lubricant based on mineral oil.
This long-term anti-corrosion agent offers excellent lubricity, improves sliding and has good penetrating properties, which makes it highly effective for use as a rust remover.
It is particularly useful in workshops, where a wide variety of lubricating jobs require quick and uncomplicated handling.
Lubricating and corrosion protection oil with good low-temperature properties
Klübersynth MZ 4-17 is a fully synthetic lubricating and corrosion protection oil with good low-temperature properties. Apart from protecting against corrosion even when exposed to salt water, Klübersynth MZ 4-17 shows good antiwear properties.
Innovative anticorrosion fluid from the Hydro Lubricants* series 
Have you successfully used a product from our innovative Hydro Lubricants* series in your production or operations? So maybe you are now looking for another product to reliably protect surfaces that are not lubricated (e.g. casings) against corrosion as well? Klübersustain ZW 0-6 is an innovative anticorrosion fluid containing water as a functional component and offering excellent sustainability and performance benefits. The product's good anticorrosive effect - confirmed by Kesternich tests - enable higher equipment availability and correspondingly reduced maintenance.
Assembly and anticorrosion fluid
Klüberfluid 9 R 100 is a special synthetic oil based assembly fluid which can also be used as an efficient anticorrosion agent.
Klüberfluid 9 R 100 is compatible with SBR and EPDM elastomers as well as with the brake fluids DOT 3, 4 and 5.1.
Readily biodegradable rust removing agent
Klüberbio Z 2-5 is a thin-bodied, fully synthetic, rust-removing agent with excellent penetration properties. This special penetrating oil provides reliable lubrication and corrosion protection without formation of unwanted gum or residues.
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