The DS-8 is a highly rated polyester spindle tape

The DS-8 is a new member of Habasit’s well-known and highly rated polyester spindle tape range. This new product is particularly suitable as a driving belt for medium- and high-end spinning machines with spindle speeds above 18,000 rpm. It perfectly combines long belt life, high performance, and best-in-class lifecycle costs.

Tests at spinning mills have confirmed:
  • The replacement of polyamide spindle tapes with highly efficient DS-8 polyester spindle tapes provides substantial energy and cost savings
  • The DS-8 ensures constant spindle speeds, high yarn quality, and excellent machine performance
  • The DS-8 also delivers a long belt service life
Compare the energy costs for Habasit’s Polyester DS-8 vs other Polyamide tangential belts in the market:
Features, Application
Main industry segments: Yarn processing
Applications: Spindle drive
Special features: Abrasion resistant, Adhesive-free joint, Antistatic, Constant coefficient of friction, Dimensionally stable, Energy saving, Fibre fly accumulation prevention, High acceleration, High reliability, Low elasticity, Uniform yarn quality
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