Girth gear drives

Large girth gears are used where heavy loads need to be carried in rotary tubular kilns, tube mills, and winches at sea. As the dimensions of such gears can be huge, it is often difficult to protect the gear teeth effectively against external media. In contrast to enclosed gears, dirt, abrasive cement and coal dust and salt water may enter the open drives, accelerating wear and corrosion. Additionally, girth gear drives are subject to heavy shock loads.

For large girth gear drives in particular, proper lubrication in all phases of operation is crucial. Klüber Lubrication has developed a speciality lubrication system to extend the service life of girth gears and protect them against premature wear: the A-B-C system consisting of special adhesive lubricants for priming (A), running-in (B) and operational lubrication (C).
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Features, Application
White operating and priming lubricants
Kluberplex AG 11- 462 offer very good wear and corrosion protective properties contributing to an efficient operation of your highly loaded installations and components.
These adhesive greases have proven effective for many years, providing reliable protection of components also when exposed to salt water or during extended periods of standstill.
Light-coloured running-in and correction lubricant for open gear rim/pinion drives
Kluberfluid B-F 2 Ultra is a mineral-oil-based running-in and correction lubricant especially developed for immersion, circulation or spray lubrication.
It contains special additives and surface-smoothing solid particles enhancing the running-in process, i.e. physical/mechanical material removal on new tooth flanks.
Kluberfluid B-F 2 Ultra is a fluid grease that is free of bitumen and raw materials containing solvents, heavy metals or chlorine.
Running-in lubricant for open drives
Grafloscon B-SG 00 Ultra is a sprayable running-in lubricant with a mineral base oil. It contains aluminium stearate as a thickener and solid lubricant particles of fine graphite. The lubricant is free from bitumen, heavy metals, solvents and raw materials containing chlorine.
GRAFLOSCON B-SG 00 ULTRA reduces surface roughness and improves the tooth flank quality which makes it also suitable for corrective lubrication if tooth flanks are damaged.
Operational lubricant for large girth gear drives
Kluberfluid C-F 3 Ultra is a lubricant of a new generation, developed specifically for the lubrication of medium-size to large girth gear drives. It is based on synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral oil. It provides good adhesion, excellent resistance to high pressure and protection against wear. This product is suitable for use at component temperatures up to 120°C.
Kluberfluid C-F 3 Ultra meets the requirements of ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 annex D-2.
Eco-compatible operating lubricant for open gear drives
Kluberbio LG 39-701 N is a high-performance grease with a new type of base oil and additive package. It combines very good eco-friendliness with high load-carrying capacity, good antiwear and anticorrosive effect and excellent adhesion to surfaces.
The high-viscosity base oil of Kluberbio LG 39-701 N comes from 100 % renewable resources.
Kluberbio LG 39-701 N complies with the 2013 Vessel General Permit requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in terms of biodegradability, minimal toxicity and bio-accumulation to be met by Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants.
Due to the lubricant's excellent low-temperature behaviour, it can be pumped in centralised lubricating systems down to -30°C and sprayed even below 0°C. These positive product characteristics enable you to use the lubricant over a wider temperature range than is common with mineral-oil-based greases of the same base oil viscosity.
Operational lubricant for large girth gear drives
Kluberfluid C-F 8 ULTRA is a newly developed lubricant especially for use on medium-size to large girth gear drives. It is based on a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral oil.
Kluberfluid C-F 8 ULTRA provides extremely good adhesion, resistance to high pressure and exceptional wear protection. It is suitable for use at component temperatures up to 120°C.
Kluberfluid C-F 8 ULTRA corresponds to ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 annex D.
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