Grease meter

It is difficult to dispense the correct amount of grease into a bearing by hand using a standard grease gun. With an electrically or pneumatically driven barrel pump it is alomost impossible. As a result most bearings are given either too much or too little grease, causing a shortening of bearing life that inevitably results in expensive breakdowns and costly stoppages.

Now, thanks to the Assalub Grease Meter, it is possible to grease with accurate volumes of lubricant according to the bearing manufacturers’ recommendations. This increases the life of bearings, reduces the number of stoppages and can save over 30% of grease usage.

Assalub Grease Meter is made in Sweden.
Features, Application
Weighing only 300 gram the durable battery operated Assalub grease meter can be mounted on virtually any manual grease gun or pump. It is also compatible with grease guns fed by an external barrel pump or centralised system. Simply pushing a button will set the meter to zero and the subsequent amount pumped is shown clearly with the highly visible large (9mm/11/32”) and clear digits. Results can be expressed in cm3, oz, g or fl oz. The pulse meter can be introduced into almost any automatic system for dispensing lubricant or monitoring grease flow.
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