High load

Greases of this type are subject to specific EP requirements. Indicating the presence of EP (extreme pressure) additives, which together with special thickeners and base oils impart high load-carrying capacity. EP greases perform extremely well under boundary and mixed friction regimes.
EP greases should be used for rolling bearings with a C/P load ratio of less than 10.
Types containing special additives have been developed to minimise wear under high load con- ditions. Klüberlub BE 41-1501 is an exceptional extreme-pressure grease containing molybdenum disulphide and graphite as solid lubricants. This composition enables its use under extreme load conditions, C/P ratio > 2.
Features, Application
Heavy-duty grease for highly-loaded rolling bearings operating at low speeds
Kluberlub BE 41-1501 is designed to meet the requirements of rolling bearings subject to extreme conditions.
FAG FE 8 tests have confirmed the effectiveness of Kluberlub BE 41-1501 under these conditions and it is approved by various bearing manufacturers, e.g. FAG, to be used for applications in low-speed rolling bearings subject to very high loads and shocks, for example in roller presses and bowl mill crushers.
High-temperature grease for slow-running bearings
Klubersynth BH 72-422 is a synthetic high-temperature grease containing ester as well as perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) oils, and a PTFE thickener.
This grease shows good oil retention at high temperature and is thermally stable, which enables Klubersynth BH 72-422 to extend your relubrication intervals at operating temperatures above 160°C up to 220°C.
Operational lubricant for open drives
Grafloscon C-SG 2000 Ultra is a sprayable adhesive lubricant with a mineral base oil. It contains aluminium complex soap and solid lubricant particles of fine graphite. It is resistant to high pressure and contains antiwear additives, adhesion improvers and corrosion inhibitors. The raw materials used for the manufacture of Grafloscon C-SG 2000 Ultra are free of bitumen, solvents and chlorine.
White operating and priming lubricants
Kluberplex AG 11- 462 offer very good wear and corrosion protective properties contributing to an efficient operation of your highly loaded installations and components.
These adhesive greases have proven effective for many years, providing reliable protection of components also when exposed to salt water or during extended periods of standstill.
High-temperature lubricating grease
Kluberlub PHB 71-461 is a special high-temperature lubricating grease based on mineral oil and polyurea. It is suitable for a wide service temperature range and can be used up to 180°C under continuous relubrication conditions. Kluberlub PHB 71-461 may be applied via centralized lubrication equipment.
Kluberlub PHB 71-461 incorporates special EP additives ensuring good wear protection under high load conditions.
Premium sliding agent for valves, fittings and installations carrying oxygen under very high partial pressure
Kluberalfa YV 93-1202 is a white sliding agent with a good wetting capacity on the basis of perfluorinated polyether oils and solid lubricants.
It provides an exceptionally high stability to oxygen surges and very good resistance to various chemicals.
It is registered according to NSF H1, complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570 and can be used in the food-processing industry.
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