Low temperature

Lubricating greases, oils exhibiting minimal consistency, vicosity increase at low temperatures provide excellent low-temperature stability. Suitable base oils for low-temperature duty are synthetic esters, PFPE oils and polyalphaolefins. The general criterion defining low-temperature stability is the flow pressure test in accordance with DIN 51 805 or the low-temperature torque test according to IP 186. The temperature at which a flow pressure of 1,400 mbar is generated will be stated as lowest service temperature of our rolling bearing greases.
A grease which shows good low-temperature stability will often perform poorly in high-temperature applications. The automotive industry in particular often requires low temperatures of −40°C (−40°F) while the actual day-to-day operating temperature of the unit is for example +100°C (212°F).
Features, Application
High-temperature and long-term lubricants with good resistance to low temperatures
BARRIERTA is Europe's oldest high-quality brand of high-temperature lubricants based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE). Today the name of BARRIERTA is widely regarded as synonymous with long-term stability and thermal resistance. BARRIERTA greases are the first choice of lubrication experts in many sectors worldwide.
High-performance grease for rolling bearings operating at low temperatures
ISOFLEX PDL 300 A is a synthetic high-performance grease for low temperatures. It consists of ester oil and lithium soap. Owing to its well-balanced texture and consistency, this special grease ensures uniformly low starting and running torques.
Low-temperature lubricating grease for high-speed, low-noise rolling bearings
ASONIC GLY 32 is a synthetic low-noise lubricating grease manu­factured in a clean environment.
The product components used and the grease’s low base-oil viscosity yield a very high speed factor and a low frictional torque, as can be seen from the results of measurements made on the low-temperature test rig.
Low-noise rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication
Kluberquiet BQ 72-72 is made up of an ester oil, a polyurea thickener and special additives. These components have been combined such that Kluberquiet BQ 72-72 offers many advantages for the lubrication of rolling bearings.
Low-noise rolling bearing grease for the long-term lubrication of high-speed rolling bearings
Kluberquiet BQ 74-73 N is a rolling bearing grease based on synthetic hydrocarbon, ester oil and urea. It was especially developed for the lubrication of high-speed ball bearings operating at high temperatures.
Special low-temperature greases
ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N have been designed for extremely low temperatures. These greases consist of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a special lithium soap. ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N are resistant to ageing and oxidation and provide good corrosion protection as well as water resistance.
ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 N also contains a UV indicator, which ensures quality checking even with minimum quantity lubrication.
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