Low temperature

Lubricating greases, oils exhibiting minimal consistency, vicosity increase at low temperatures provide excellent low-temperature stability. Suitable base oils for low-temperature duty are synthetic esters, PFPE oils and polyalphaolefins. The general criterion defining low-temperature stability is the flow pressure test in accordance with DIN 51 805 or the low-temperature torque test according to IP 186. The temperature at which a flow pressure of 1,400 mbar is generated will be stated as lowest service temperature of our rolling bearing greases.
A grease which shows good low-temperature stability will often perform poorly in high-temperature applications. The automotive industry in particular often requires low temperatures of −40°C (−40°F) while the actual day-to-day operating temperature of the unit is for example +100°C (212°F).
Features, Application
Low-temperature greases for rolling and plain bearings
CENTOPLEX 1 DL/2 DL are low-temperature greases based on an oxidation-resistant mineral oil and a lithium-calcium soap. Due to the good resistance to working under normal temperatures and loads these greases can be used for long-term lubrication.
Lubricating and corrosion protection oil with good low-temperature properties
Klübersynth MZ 4-17 is a fully synthetic lubricating and corrosion protection oil with good low-temperature properties. Apart from protecting against corrosion even when exposed to salt water, Klübersynth MZ 4-17 shows good antiwear properties.
Special low-temperature greases
ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N have been designed for extremely low temperatures. These greases consist of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a special lithium soap. ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N are resistant to ageing and oxidation and provide good corrosion protection as well as water resistance.
ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 N also contains a UV indicator, which ensures quality checking even with minimum quantity lubrication.
Special grease for Bowden cables, seals and plastics
UNISILKON GLK 112 ensures smooth running of components at low temperatures and is at the same time resistant to high temperatures. It is based on silicone oil and a special lithium soap. The product is compatible with many different elastomers (but not silicone rubber) and plastics. Approval VW TL 767 X
Synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricant
Klüber Summit RAB 68 is based on synthetic hydrocarbon oils and special additives. It is very stable at high temperatures while providing excellent low temperature properties at evaporator temperatures below -45°C. The solubility with the refrigerants listed below is excellent and the deposit formation and foaming tendency is considerably reduced compared to naphthenic refrigeration compressor oils.
Electroconductive low-noise rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication
Kluberlectric BQ 72-72 was developed as an electroconductive rolling bearing grease with added excellent low-noise characteristics. Due to the use of selected additives based on ionic liquids, the lubricant's electroconductivity was increased, attaining resistance characteristics resembling those of semiconductors.
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