Lubricant dispensers

Plant downtime and disruptions can result in high costs. However, with automatic machine lubrication you can considerably reduce the risk of lubrication-related outages. The Klubermatic range of automatic lubricant dispensers from Kluber Lubrication help by providing continuous and efficient lubrication.
Single-point lubricant dispenser
An automatic single-point lubricant dispenser is attached to a single point (the lubrication nipple) and continuously supplies it with the right quantity of oil or grease. Especially in the areas of tool making, machine construction or vehicle manufacturing, this ensures the long-term supply of sufficient lubricant to a specific point.
Multi-point lubrication system
In a multi-point lubrication system, by contrast, there is a central unit that supplies the optimal amount of oil or grease to several lubrication nipples or components at the same time.
Benefits of Klübermatic automatic lubricant dispensers:
  • Less effort and expense thanks to automatic supply to the lubrication point over the duration of the set operating period
  • No over lubrication, resulting in lower lubricant costs
  • No under lubrication, allowing exploitation of the full equipment lifetime
  • Easily deployable, even in poorly accessible locations
  • Higher productivity due to reduced plant downtime
Features, Application
Klubermatic FLEX-The compact and flexible lubrication unit
Klubermatic FLEX is a compact, ready-to-use lubricator. It can be used for diverse applications at temperatures between -20°C and +60°C. The lubrication interval can be selected in monthly increments between 1 and 12 months.
An electronically controlled chemical reaction generates the pressure to ensure continuous fresh lubricant supply to the lubrication point at set intervals. Klubermatic FLEX is available in volumes of 60 cm³ and 125 cm³.
Klubermatic NOVA - Temperature-independent electrochemical lubricating system
Klubermatic NOVA can be used for all applications between −20°C and +60°C.
On the Klubermatic NOVA control unit, a discharge period from 1 to 12 months can be set by push-button. The control unit will then calculate the amount of gas required for constant and reliable lubricant release over that time, taking into account the ambient temperature. Klubermatic NOVA consists of a reusable control unit, an LC unit (LC = lubricant canister) with integrated oil retention valve – filled with 125 cm3 of grease or oil – and a protection cover.
Klubermatic STAR VARIO - Temperature-independent precision lubrication
Klubermatic STAR VARIO is fully automatic and works independent of the ambient temperature. It dispenses lubricant with utmost accuracy over 1 to12 months.
It consists of an electro-mechanical drive unit with LCD display with push button control, an LC unit containing 250, 120 or 60 cm³ of lubricant and a battery set. The functional condition can be monitored by all around LED lights so that an empty LC unit or malfunction can be detected and remedied without delay.
Klubermatic STAR CONTROL - Individual automatic relubrication by means of external control
Klubermatic STAR CONTROL supplies the lubrication point with oil or grease immediately on starting – ensuring constant, accurate and temperature-independent lubrication. Klubermatic STAR CONTROL is power-supplied directly from the machine it is connected to and can be linked up to the machine’s PLC unit for control and monitoring. Klubermatic STAR CONTROL automatically discharges a set amount of lubricant as long as it remains connected to power. The LC unit (LC = lubricant canister) is available with 60 cm³, 120 cm³ or 250 cm³ of lubricant.
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