Features, Application
OKS 340 – Chain Protector, strongly adhesive
Synthetic lubricant for indoor and outdoor machine elements subjected to high pressure or corrosive influences.
OKS 350 – High-Temperature Chain Oil with MoS₂, synthetic
OKS 350 is a synthetic silicone-free high-temperature chain oil with MoS₂ for machine elements and loads.
OKS 370 – Universal Oil for Food Processing Technology
Colourless universal oil for food processing technology.
OKS 387 – High-Temperature Chain Lubricant for the Food Industry
OKS 387 is a high-temperature chain lubricant with graphite for strongly loaded lubrication points at extreme temperatures.
OKS 390 – Cutting Oil for all metals
Non-water-miscible cutting oil for lubricating and cooling tools and workpieces during machining work on metals.
OKS 600 – Multi Oil
Low-viscosity light-coloured multipurpose oil for a wide range of applications in industrial maintenance and in the workshop field.
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