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Paper Industry

Machines in the paper industry require speciality lubricants, no matter if used for wood pulp, paper or corrugated cardboard production. We have developed an extensive range of products which meet the specific requirements reliably, optimise maintenance and ensure safe production processes in this industry.

For the corrugator industry we offer special PFPE-based lubricating greases and other high-temperature oils which protect against corrosion and wear even at temperatures above 180°C and other extreme operating conditions,extending maintenance intervals of your steam-heated corrugating and preheating rolls. We also offer oils and greases which are NSF H1-registered and certified according to ISO 21409 - the right choice for those who manufacture paper or packaging material for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Features, Application
Multipurpose NSF H1 food grade and high temperature grease up to 2500C
High-temperature screw paste
Klüberpaste HEL 46-450 is a black hot screw paste for high-alloy steels. It contains fully synthetic polyalkylene glycol and ester base oils and a combination of inorganic solid lubricants.
Klüberpaste HEL 46-450 is suitable for a temperature range between -40°C  and 1000°C. In the normal temperature range (i.e. below 200°C) it shows good anticorrosion behaviour and good water resistance. Above 200°C it acts as a dry lubricant.
White operating and priming lubricants. Reduced maintenance needs
- Low contamination of machine environment due to use of white solid lubricants and low lubricant consumption. Very good adhesion even at low temperatures.
- Product streamlining possible as the product is suitable for gear rim/pinion drives and bearings
- Improved component performance
- Less wear due to selected solid lubricants and additives
- Very good corrosion protection also when exposed to salt water
Al-complex fluid greases for lubrication of open gear
High load grease for low speed rolling and plain bearings.
High-temperature grease up to 1500C and Long-term for rolling bearing.
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