Ring Travellers

For all ring traveller qualities, Reiners + Fürst only uses high-alloyed and wear-resistant steel wire, specifically produced for this purpose.

The operational behaviour of ring travellers is essentially determined by the fibre lubrication film formation and therefore by the sliding behaviour between the spinning ring and ring traveller. In addition to a traveller shape that is tailored precisely to the ring and the yarn quality, the surface treatment is also extremely important.

The following four factors are of great importance for a perfect ring traveller:
  • High quality and wear-resistant steel as a basis for the textile application
  • Traveller geometry that is precisely tailored to the ring profile.
  • Insignificant fluctuations in the wire profile, geometry and surface
  • Highly refined surface for stable yarn quality and longest possible service life
Reiners + Fürst offers an assortment of ring travellers that are tailored to all yarn qualities and ring variants: optimal wire profile, suitable geometry and durable surface.
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