SCHADE Lagertechnik product

Features, Application
Longitudinal storage is very frequently adopted if there is a need to store large volumes of bulk material between individual process steps. Also such buffer facilities are often employed for homogenisation or blending of different products. SCHADE Lagertechnik offers optimum solutions for both areas of application
Storages which are set up in tight space yet need to handle high capacities are increasingly conceived as circular storage. SCHADE has helped drive forward developments in this very field and can demonstrate excellent references worldwide.
Covered storage systems are available for up to 800,000t and accordingly 1.000.000 m3 in a single building. Stockyards in the open are only limited by the length of the space available. Stockpiles can reach widths of more than 65m. Depending on project-related preferences machinery for circular storage or longitudinal storage can be supplied.
Painstaking design is of great significance when configuring wagon-unloading systems (wagon tipplers). Capacity, material, geographic and climatic conditions as well as the degree of automation requirements or environmental regulation limitations ultimately decide the right concept and economic operation.
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