Spinning Rings

Reiners + Fürst only uses hardened ball bearing steel of 100Cr6 quality for all rings.
The rings from R+F are manufactured in a LOOP® turning process, tailored to a technological textile application of the rings. The functional surface of the rings is designed with an accuracy that no other turning process offers.

Around the world, R+F is the only manufacturer to produce spinning rings with LOOP® technology:
  • LOOP® is an R+F development.
  • LOOP® produces spinning rings with the highest precision of the flange structure
  • LOOP® ensures precisely the same surface quality for every single ring.
  • LOOP® guarantees a 100% quality control of the turning process
R+F has the very best prerequisites for continuously improving the ring surface during the turning process. In combination with the constant drive for optimisation, R+F continues to set higher standards, even for the most demanding technological requirements.
R+F offers three different ring qualities for the different applications and operating conditions:
  • Champion
  • Turbo
  • CeraDur
The selection of the appropriate ring quality depends mainly on the yarn programme as well as the achievable spindle speed and the expected service life of the rings and travellers.
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