The premium class of chrome-plated spinning rings, exclusively at R+F:

Manufactured from first-class hardened 100Cr6 steel, the ring is hard chrome-plated at our own ultra modern coating company using the latest technology, and additionally receives a final finish. The Turbo ring is flexible in use and stands for maximum productivity, the highest yarn quality and a long life cycle.

The special feature lies in the precision, the absolutely low tolerance of the ring profile and the coating. The special characteristic of the R+F hard chrome surface combines optimal lubrication with extremely low wear. This results in extremely long service lives at maximum spindle speeds. The Turbo high-speed ring sets new standards in yarn quality. It can be used for all yarn qualities, even for compact yarns.
Features, Application
Turbo rings are characterised by:
  • Very high manufacturing accuracy
  • Best run-in properties
  • Quickly achievable maximum speeds
  • Optimised lubrication film build-up and stable lubrication film balance
  • Very long service life
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