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Valves and fittings

Speciality lubricants of certified quality
Valves and fittings include complex tribological systems and to minimise wear of such components, the lubricant has to be compatible with many materials. Our certified speciality lubricants are designed to meet your individual requirements, ensuring your valves and fittings operate reliably for their entire lifetime.

Lubricants for drinking water valves have to meet the country guidelines, be resistant to media, provide good sealing effect and offer good tactile properties at all temperatures. When used in contact with fuel gases, high media resistance is of particular importance. For oxygen installations, exclusively certified lubricants have to be used for safety. Every batch of oxygen valve lubricant we manufacture is tested by the German Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance lubricants, we have been cooperating closely with renowned OEMs for many years using our lubricants for the initial equipment of their valves and fittings. Initial equipment is a major focus of our current and future activities in this industry. Our lubricants comply with all the relevant guidelines and regulations, ensuring that you buy tested quality.

Overview of our certifications and approvals:
Oxygen valves and fittings: BAM test acc. to BG RCI M034 "Oxygen" (BGI 617) : "List of non-metallic materials"
Sanitary and drinking water valves: Guidelines of the German Environmental Agency (DVGW-KTW-recommendations), NSF 61 certification, ÖVGW, SVGW, ACS, WRAS, AS4020, KIWA, BelgAqua
Food industry: NSF-H1
Gas burning installations and fuel gases: EN 377, DIN 3536, EN 751
Features, Application
Food grade grease for valve & fittings with EPDM seals.
Multipurpose lubricating paste can be used with including plastics and elastomers.
Premium sliding agent for valves, fittings and installations carrying oxygen under very high partial pressure.
Special lubricating grease for drinking water, beverage and heating valves and fittings.
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