Klubersustain GW 0-460 - First water-based lubricant for industrial gears

Water-based lubricants are water-based and innovative, high-performance and sustainable. This product offers significant advantages in terms of lubrication performance and sustainability. In the new water-based lubricants, Kluber lubricants take full advantage of the positive effects of water and have successfully developed homogeneous lubricants that use water as a functional component. The high-performance lubricant Klubersustain GW 0-460 is the first in the innovative line of water-based lubricants for industrial gears.

"The main advantages of our pioneering lubricant concept are the optimization of friction altogether and the excellent cooling properties that help reduce gear and rolling bearing temperatures," explains Matthias Pfadt, Engineering Manager for Krubb Lubricants Applications. To meet the growing demands and the increasing power density of modern gears. It also significantly improves the energy efficiency of applications.

Based on modern lubricant design, water-based lubricants developed for trouble-free operation
Developed specifically for high-speed straight gears, oblique gears and planetary gears, the low foam trend ensures uninterrupted component operation. With excellent viscosity-temperature properties, sufficient lubricant film can be formed over the entire operating temperature range. Its good conductivity also protects components from electrical corrosion.
Based on modern lubricant design, Crub lubricants have the potential to revolutionize the future of specialty lubricants and address future performance, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility challenges. Together with partners from different industries, Kluber Lubricants is currently working on the development of water-based lubricants for a wide range of applications and components.

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The first in the innovative line of water-based lubricants for industrial gears.
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