Features, Application
OKS 402 – Ball-Bearing High-Performance Grease
Multipurpose grease for the lubrication of machine elements under normal stress load.
OKS 404 – High-Performance and High-Temperature Grease
Semi-synthetic lithium complex soap grease with a wide range of applications in a wide range of temperatures.
OKS 410 – MoS₂ High-Pressure Long-Life Grease
OKS 410 is a high-pressure long-life grease for lubrication points subjected to pressure or impacts also under outdoor exposure.
OKS 416 – Low-Temperature and High-Speed Grease
OKS 416 is a low temperature and high speed grease.
OKS 420 – High-Temperature Multipurpose Grease
OKS 420 is a high-temperature grease for universal use at increased requirements.
OKS 424  – Synthetic High -Temperature Grease
Synthetic grease for bearing points subject to extremely high temperatures and corrosive environmental influences.
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