Features, Application
OKS 200 - MoS Assembly Paste
OKS 200 is a MoS₂-paste for assembly lubrication for press-on processes
OKS 217 – High-Temperature Paste, high purity
OKS 217 is a high-temperature paste
OKS 220 – MoS₂ Rapid Paste
Assembly paste with very high MoS₂ contents for pressing and moulding processes as well as run-in lubrication of highly loaded sliding surfaces.
OKS 230 – MoS₂ High-Temperature Paste
OKS 230 is a high-temperature paste with MoS₂.
OKS 235 – Aluminium paste, Anti-Seize-Paste
Aluminium paste for assembling screw and bolt threaded connections that are subjected to high temperatures and corrosive influences.
OKS 240 – Antiseize Paste (Copper Paste)
High-temperature screw paste on copper basis for preventing corrosion, seizing and binding.
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