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Lubricating pastes

Lubricating and assembly pastes are often used under extreme conditions – for example with temperatures up to 1200 °C, where there are high-frequency oscillations or at very low speeds. Our lubricating pastes protect your components reliably against premature wear. Ease of assembly and dismantling is ensured using our…

Lubricating and assembly pastes containing a high percentage of solid lubricating particles form an efficient lubricating film to separate component surfaces reliably even under extreme conditions. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring high load-carrying capacity, particular emergency lubricating properties and permanent media resistance. Our speciality pastes offer many advantages: minimised tribocorrosion, stick-slip and anti-fretting corrosion protection, prevention of adhesive wear or seizure of the lubricated components. The service life of your components increases.
Features, Application
White multi-purpose lubricating paste.
A multipurpose lubricating paste with selected base oils, lithium soap and special solid lubricant additives.
High-temperature screw paste
Klüberpaste HEL 46-450 is a black hot screw paste for high-alloy steels. It contains fully synthetic polyalkylene glycol and ester base oils and a combination of inorganic solid lubricants.
Klüberpaste HEL 46-450 is suitable for a temperature range between -40°C  and 1000°C. In the normal temperature range (i.e. below 200°C) it shows good anticorrosion behaviour and good water resistance. Above 200°C it acts as a dry lubricant.
White lubricating and assembly paste NSF H1 for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
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