Bonded coatings

Bonded coatings, also known as anti-friction coatings, offer many advantages compared to conventional oils and greases for high temperatures, applications with special hygiene requirements or highly loaded industrial machine elements. Our special tribo-coatings help you optimise the friction coefficients and sliding properties of your components and ensure longer lifetimes.
At a glance: bonded coatings from Klüber Lubrication
  • Longer service life: our special low friction coatings optimise friction coefficients and the sliding properties of components and reduce maintenance costs
  • High hygiene and safety requirements: while lubricants may drip from the friction point, bonded coatings form a solid and clean layer.
  • High thermal stability: bonded coatings can be used at temperatures exceeding 300°C.
  • High-performance solutions: competence and expertise gained from more than 90 years of research and industrial experience
What are bonded coatings?
Bonded coatings, or anti-friction tribo-coatings, form a uniform, dry and low-friction lubricant layer on various materials and components.
A bonded coating has a composition similar to that of a coloured paint. However, instead of the coloured pigments it contains one or several solid lubricants.  The main constituents of a low-friction bonded coating are:
  • Solid lubricants: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), boron nitride, graphite or a combination of different solid lubricants
  • Binder: organic or inorganic, consists of 1 or 2 components
  • Solvent: organic or water
Good adhesion due to dry lubrication
Dry lubrication is always a good choice for industrial applications requiring a clean, for-life lubricant. Bonded coatings can also be used for both particularly low and high temperatures exceeding 300°C.
Contrary to other lubricants, a bonded coating or anti-friction coating offers the advantage of forming a uniform adhesive layer on the component. The clean lubrication layer, which cannot be washed off and does not have to be renewed (i.e. lifetime lubrication), optimises your production conditions and helps reduce your maintenance costs efficiently.
The advantages of bonded coatings:
  • Completely cover components and form a uniform lubricant layer
  • No contamination due to dry lubrication
  • Reduction of friction and constant friction coefficients
  • Prevention or reduction of noise (no stick-slip)
  • Suitable for particularly high and low temperatures
  • Reliable lifetime lubrication
The right bonded coating for your specific requirements
Our product range includes bonded coatings for metal surfaces and plastics and elastomers.
Features, Application
Water-miscible two-component bonded coating for sealing rings and coloured elastomers
Klubertop TP 36-1300 NP A/B is a colourless two-component bonded coating for elastomers and thermoplastics.
Klubertop TP 36-1300 NP A/B forms a nearly colourless dry film, it is particularly suitable for coloured seals and O-rings where increased operational reliability and colour fastness are equally important.
The bonded coating offers excellent adhesion on materials like EPDM, TPE, NBR, HNBR, FPM and PA.
Water-miscible, thermo-setting PTFE-based bonded coating for low to medium loads
Klubertop TP 46-111 is a thermosetting, black bonded coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and an organic, water-dilutable binder.
Klubertop TP 46-111 is a ready-to-use fluid containing water as a solvent.
Adhesion to metals and various plastics is good.
Water-miscible PTFE dispersion
Kluberplus S 03-105 is a white, air-drying PTFE dispersion in an organic binding agent. Once applied and dried, the dispersion provides good wear resistance, has a low friction coefficient, and ensures smooth operation at low speeds. The dispersion dries very quickly in spite of the water contained in the solvent. Adhesion on iron, non-ferrous metals, plastic materials (e.g. ABS, PC, PVC, PU, PA, PS), and elastomers (e.g. NBR, FKM, SBR, EPDM) is good.
Klubertop TP 38-901 is a water-miscible, thermosetting for the food-processing, drinking water and pharmaceutical industries.
The dry film provided by Klubertop TP 38-901 fulfils the following requirements:
  • European and German regulations on food-grade products (FABES certificate CON 6222-2018).
  • Klubertop TP 38-901 is NSF H1-registered and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The lubricant was developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries.
Two-component bonded coating for metal components
Klubertop TP 41 N A/B is a thermosetting, black-coloured high-performance bonded coating made up of two component parts. It has an organic binder containing PTFE-free solid lubricants.
This bonded coating reduces friction and wear on metal/metal and metal/plastic material pairings. It can be used for high mechano-dynamic loads as well as with high temperatures.
Klubertop TP 41 N A/B excels due to its excellent high wear resistance plus good adhesion on steel and aluminium substrates.
Two-component bonded coating for metal components
Klubertop TP 42 N A-B is a thermosetting, two-component, black-coloured bonded coating. It has an organic binder containing PTFE-free wear protection additives.
Klubertop TP 42 N A-B reduces friction and wear in metal/metal combinations. It has a particularly high level of wear resistance and a relatively high friction coefficient for a bonded coating.
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