Lubricant sprays

Lubricant sprays ensure quick and easy lubrication and relubrication of areas difficult to access and for spot application. We offer speciality lubricants in spray cans for a wide range of applications to protect your machines and components reliably against wear.

Sprays are an easy-to-use alternative to conventional lubricant containers. They lubricate chains, linear guides or cables and can be used for assembly, cleaning, coating, as contact spray, rust remover and in metalworking. Additionally, sprays are suitable for testing purposes before replacing a lubricant.

Wide selection of oils, greases, fluids, pastes and dry lubricants.

Our tried and tested speciality lubricants sprays cover a huge variety of applications. Our product portfolio includes lubricants which are readily biodegradable, comply with food standards and regulations, are noise-damping and withstand extreme temperatures and loads.
Features, Application
Adhesive lubricant containing graphite
GRAFLOSCON CA ULTRA SPRAY is a solvent-containing mineral oil base adhesive lubricant with a high content of solid particles (fine graphite) applied by spray can. It contains an Al complex soap, can carry extreme loads and has good anticorrosion properties.
It does not contain bitumen, heavy metals or chlorine. The propellant is free from CFC.
Adhesive lubricant containing graphite
GRAFLOSCON CA 901 ULTRA, a solvent-containing mineral oil based adhesive lubricant with a high content of solids, is applied by spray can.
This spray is extremely adhesive, resistant to high pressure, and has good anti-corrosion properties.
Universal Fluid
QUIETSCH EX removes squeaking and sticking of components. It can also be used as universal fluid outperforming ordinary lubricating oils.
Long-term corrosion preventive, effective rust remover
CONTRAKOR FLUID H 1 is a thin-bodied, versatile lubricant based on mineral oil.
This long-term anti-corrosion agent offers excellent lubricity, improves sliding and has good penetrating properties, which makes it highly effective for use as a rust remover.
It is particularly useful in workshops, where a wide variety of lubricating jobs require quick and uncomplicated handling.
Synthetic lubricating grease for universal application in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries
Klubersynth UH1 14-222 was developed for the special requirements of the food-processing and pharmaceutical.
Klubersynth UH1 14-222 is NSF H1 registered and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The lubricant was developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries.
Special lubricating greases for boundary friction conditions and tribo-corrosion
MICROLUBE GL 261, GL 262 greases are special lubricating greases on a mineral oil base, special lithium soap and the MICROLUBE additive package. Running-in wear is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the MICROLUBE additive package provides protection in the boundary friction regime, thus preventing tribo-corrosion. These greases have the capacity to absorb high pressures, and they have good anti-corrosion properties.
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