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Joining hands to repel the Covid-19 pandemic, Vu Minh organized to work from home and the three-on-the-spot strategy 15/09/2021

While the Covid-19 pandemic broke out again, Vu Minh Company always closely monitored the situation and provided timely measures to both prevent the pandemic, ensure the safety of its employees, and fulfill its production and business activities.
To implement Prime Minister’s Directive 16 on the prevention of Covid-19 pandemic, Vu Minh office employees worked from home under the constant guidance and support from the Company.

In order to help employees to work from home effectively during stressful and sensitive period of the epidemic, the Company sent employees a number of instructions such as preparing the workspace, planning the works, actively communicating with colleagues, optimizing the working efficiency… The Human Resources Division sent simple exercises to help employees increase mobility, maintain health as well as organize online discussions at weekend to help employees improve themselves with positive energy. 

Although working from home, Vu Minh's Board of Directors and employees still connected and discussed daily works through online meetings via Zoom, Zalo chat groups and enhanced working via email. During this time, the Company had increased the organization of online training sessions and seminars with participation of foreign experts to constantly improve knowledge and skills for employees. This was an opportunity for Vu Minh employees to use useful digital software to improve working quality.

Unlike office employees, employees working in warehouses and factories performed "the three-on-the-spot strategy": on-the-spot production, isolation, and accommodation. The company organized accommodation, living and working for employees and ensured full salary and bonus as well as all expenses during period of the three-on-the-spot strategy
All Vu Minh employees are fully vaccinated with the principle "the best vaccine is the one that is given at the earliest".

The company provided disinfectant water for employees, disinfected the workplace, and complied with the process of disinfecting goods upon delivery.

After 3 months of working at home and performing the three-on-the-spot strategy, since mid-October 2021, Vu Minh's employees have returned to the company normally.

With the initiative and flexibility, Vu Minh Company organized safe and effective production and business activities and applied practical epidemic prevention measures to ensure the lives of employees.


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