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Forming belts

Habasit’s forming, transfer and accelerator belts have been specifically developed to cope with the requirements of all forming process belt applications. These processing belts are designed to run over live nosebars with high loads and long conveying distances. Their excellent stability and length and width thickness precision enable the manufacture of all types of boards, including very thin boards. The belts can be used with highly sensitive metal detectors, to protect expensive equipment.

Features, Application
  • Transversal rigidity for increased load support and suitability for live nosebars at high tensile force
  • Longitudinal flexibility for excellent tracking properties
  • Hydrolysis resistance to eliminate sticking and accumulation on the belt
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance to maintain cover uniformity and thickness precision
  • High cleanability to reduce maintenance. Long-distance production reliability
  • FDA-approved performance and ATEX conformance.
Main industry segments: Board manufacturing, Materials Handling, Packaging, Wood
Applications: Acceleration belt, Forming line/spreading belt, Line belt, Metering/singulation belt, Miniconveyor belt, Packaging belt
Special features: ATEX conform, Hydrolysis resistant, Longitudinal flexibility and transversal stability
Main industry segments: Baked snacks, Biscuit and Crackers, Bread, Chocolate, Convenience food, Frozen food, Pasta, Pastry, Pizza, Primary food packaging, Ready meals
Applications: Cooling (line) belt, Food processing/conveying belt, Forming line/spreading belt, Infeed belt, Inspection/control belt, Metering/singulation belt, Packaging belt, Transfer belt, Weighing belt
Special features: Easy cleanability
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