Polyester spindle tapes (PET)

Habasit polyester W-8, DS-8 spindle tapes provide substation 4 – 6% energy and cost savings.
Habasit W – spindle tapes were developed in intensive cooperation with OEMs and Eus. The main focus was suitability for spindle speeds (rpm) over 20,000rpm, no fiber fly accumulation, as well as along and reliable service life. These development goals were all achieved, which is why leading machine manufacturers in Switzerland, Japan, China and India today use W-8 and DS-8 spindle – tapes for their original equipment.
Features, Application
The worldwide best-known spindle tape W-8 is specially designed for the economic application on spinning and twisting machines:
- High tape flexibility > low bending esistance
- Constant high friction (black side) > reliable power transmission
- No fiber and fluff accumulation > no slip, constant spindle speed
- Dimensional stable, no elongation > no slip, constant spindle speed
DS-8 is a member of Habasit’s well-known and highly rated polyester spindle tape range. DS-8 is particularly suitable as a driving belt for medium- and high-end spinning machines with spindle speeds above 18,000 rpm. It perfectly combines long belt life, high performance, and best-in-class lifecycle costs. Tests at spinning mills have confirmed:
- The replacement of polyamide spindle tapes with highly efficient DS-8 polyester spindle tapes provides substantial energy and cost savings
- The DS-8 ensures constant spindle speeds, high yarn quality, and excellent machine performance
-The DS-8 also delivers a long belt service life
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