Getting it done - Tradition since 1864
As a family-run business with their head office in Kaiserslautern, Germany, Gebr. Pfeiffer has pioneered the development of modern grinding, separating, drying, slaking, and calcining technologies for more than 150 years. Gebr. Pfeiffer's motto: long-term development rather than short-lived success. The result: ever new impules ensuring the top ranking among the leaders in the industry.
Gebr. Pfeiffer’s slogan – “Getting it done” means:
  • Goods and services that are worth the money – Investment that pays off
  • Knowledge and experience from the technology leader in the industry - Progressing
  • Efficient overall solutions you can rely on – Making promises and keeping them
  • Excellent service worldwide – Going the extra mile
  • A strong team in all domains – Having the best team in the race
In 2005, Vu Minh Company forged a partnership with Gebr. Pfeiffer, embarking on a journey of collaboration and success.
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