Peak performance with tradition
Spinning rings and ring travellers for a secure spinning process – Made in Germany
Across the globe, the Reiners + Fürst (R+F) brand is synonymous with spinning rings and ring travelers that adhere to the most stringent quality standards while offering exceptional value, all proudly crafted in Germany. Customers worldwide consistently affirm R+F as their foremost supplier of top-quality rings and ring travelers. R+F has attained the number one position in many critical markets, owing to their exceptional products and comprehensive service.
As a multi-generational family-owned business now in its third generation, R+F possesses the unique ability to plan for both the long-term and make pivotal short-term decisions. Nearly 100 highly skilled employees diligently oversee the production and marketing of an extensive range of spinning rings and ring travelers.
R+F is more than just a name; it's the emblem of a family-owned enterprise with a heritage spanning over 75 years. R+F places a strong emphasis on:
  • Continuous innovation and improvement of products and processes
  • Providing solutions for all market requirements
  • Full commitment of all employees to ensure the high quality of products at all times
R+F enhances the spinning process through innovative and cost-effective solutions. Reiners + Fürst spinning components are optimized for ring spinning machines from a variety of manufacturers, including Saurer Schlafhorst Zinser, Rieter, Toyota KTTM, Lakshmi, Marzoli, and Chinese manufacturers of Ring Spinning Machines.
In 1997, Vu Minh Company forged a partnership with Reiners & Fürst, embarking on a journey of collaboration and success.
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