Kluberquiet BQ 74-73 N

Manufacturer: KLÜBER LUBRICATION (Germany)
Low-noise rolling bearing grease for the long-term lubrication of high-speed rolling bearings
Kluberquiet BQ 74-73 N is a rolling bearing grease based on synthetic hydrocarbon, ester oil and urea. It was especially developed for the lubrication of high-speed ball bearings operating at high temperatures.
With its unique combination of carefully selected raw materials, Kluberquiet BQ 74-73 N offers:
  • low-noise operation proved in tests on noise test rigs such as SKF BeQuiet
  • long bearing life
  • wide service temperature range with excellent low-temperature characteristics
Benefits for your application
  • Lifetime lubrication of vertically mounted bearings subject to high speeds and/or with a rotating outer ring
  • Low-noise spindle bearing grease, also for motor spindles

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Features, Application
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ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N have been designed for extremely low temperatures. These greases consist of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a special lithium soap. ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 and L 32 N are resistant to ageing and oxidation and provide good corrosion protection as well as water resistance.
ISOFLEX TOPAS L 32 N also contains a UV indicator, which ensures quality checking even with minimum quantity lubrication.
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Klubersynth LF 44-22 and Klubersynth LF 44-32 are synthetic, dynamically light low-temperature greases containing anticorrosion and antioxidation additives. They are based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a special lithium soap thickener. The greases, which are designed for very low temperatures, are resistant to water and contain a friction-reducing solid lubricant.
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Polylub WH 2

Mã SP:
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UNISILKON GLK 112 ensures smooth running of components at low temperatures and is at the same time resistant to high temperatures. It is based on silicone oil and a special lithium soap. The product is compatible with many different elastomers (but not silicone rubber) and plastics. Approval VW TL 767 X
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