Isoflex PDL 300 A

Manufacturer: KLÜBER LUBRICATION (Germany)
High-performance grease for rolling bearings operating at low temperatures
ISOFLEX PDL 300 A is a synthetic high-performance grease for low temperatures. It consists of ester oil and lithium soap. Owing to its well-balanced texture and consistency, this special grease ensures uniformly low starting and running torques.
Benefits for your application
  • For low temperatures
  • Uniformly low starting and running torque
  • Resistant to ageing and oxidation
  • Good corrosion protection

Orther products

Features, Application
Special grease for Bowden cables, seals and plastics
UNISILKON GLK 112 ensures smooth running of components at low temperatures and is at the same time resistant to high temperatures. It is based on silicone oil and a special lithium soap. The product is compatible with many different elastomers (but not silicone rubber) and plastics. Approval VW TL 767 X
Synthetic low-temperature greases with a light-coloured solid lubricant
Klubersynth LF 44-22 and Klubersynth LF 44-32 are synthetic, dynamically light low-temperature greases containing anticorrosion and antioxidation additives. They are based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a special lithium soap thickener. The greases, which are designed for very low temperatures, are resistant to water and contain a friction-reducing solid lubricant.
High-temperature lubricating, sliding and sealing agent
UNISILKON TK M 1011 and UNISILKON TK M 1012 are lubricating, sliding and sealing agents based on silicone oil. They offer high thermal stability, are insoluble in water and resistant to many ambient media.
Polylub WH 2

Polylub WH 2

Mã SP:
Multi-purpose grease
POLYLUB WH 2 is a multifunctional lubricating grease based on mineral oil and a lithium soap thickener.
The grease offers good adhesion, excellent low-temperature properties and good corrosion protection.
Synthetic long-term grease for rolling and plain bearings, linear motion guides
ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 52 is a synthetic long-term grease with good low-temperature properties. It has a good load-carrying capacity and ensures smooth running even at high speeds and accelerations.
The thickener made of special calcium soap ensures good adhesion to the component and good resistance to media. The additives contained in ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 52 increase wear protection.
Long-term grease for low-temperature applications
Klubertemp GR OT 20 N is a white, odourless long-term grease based on a low-viscosity perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) oil and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thickener. This raw material selection enables excellent sliding friction results even at low temperatures.
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