Kluberoil 4 UH1-1500 Spray

Manufacturer: KLÜBER LUBRICATION (Germany)
Synthetic gear and multipurpose oil for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries
Kluberoil 4 UH1 N is a synthetic high-performance gear and multipurpose oil based on PAO satisfying the growing requirements and increasing power density of modern gears.
These are NSF H1 registered and therefore comply with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The lubricants were developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries.
Benefits for your application
  • Registered as NSF H1 and certified according to ISO 21469
  • High scuffing protection
  • Good wear protection for gears and rolling bearings
  • Good shear stability for reliable lubricant film formation
  • Excellent ageing and oxidation resistance
  • Wide service temperature range due to good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Energy savings due to optimised friction behaviour
  • Good elastomer compatibility
  • Approved by numerous gear OEMs: SEW, Getriebebau Nord, Sumitomo, etc.

Orther products

Features, Application
Mineral oil-based special lubricants
STRUCTOVIS HD is a special lubricant series based on mineral oil and available in different viscosity grades.
All STRUCTOVIS HD types offer good wear and corrosion protection. The STRUCTOVIS types provided with an adhesion improver are extremely adhesive thus reducing considerably the risk of contamination due to oil leakage, especially at high chain speeds. The STRUCTOVIS types of higher viscosity (AHD to CHD) may also reduce noise of chains.
White operating and priming lubricants
Kluberplex AG 11- 462 offer very good wear and corrosion protective properties contributing to an efficient operation of your highly loaded installations and components.
These adhesive greases have proven effective for many years, providing reliable protection of components also when exposed to salt water or during extended periods of standstill.
Air-drying, easy-to-apply bonded coating based on MoS2
MOLYBKOMBIN UMF T4 Spray is an air-drying, black bonded coating based on molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), an organic binder and an inflammable solvent mixture.
MOLYBKOMBIN UMF T4 Spray is liquid and ready-to-use. Once applied and hardened, the bonded coating shows good wetting of metal surfaces and is very resistant to pressure. Its dry lubricating film is suitable for use at temperatures up to approx. 450°C.
Anticorrosion lubricant for food and pharmaceutical industries
Kluberfood NH1 K 32 Spray is a transparent "grease like" anti corrosion protection film for the protection of ferrous metals. This special lubricant has been designed to comply with the particular requirements of the food-processing industry.
It is NSF H1 registered and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. It was developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, pharmaceutical industries.
Quiet-Ex Spray

Quiet-Ex Spray

Mã SP:
Universal Fluid
QUIETSCH EX removes squeaking and sticking of components. It can also be used as universal fluid outperforming ordinary lubricating oils.
Cleaner / degreaser for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries
Klüberfood NK1 Z 8-001 Spray is an organic solvent cleaning agent. NSF K1 and NSF K3-registered (registration number 143557) for applications in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.
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